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Scannow SFC

The main reason for using this utility is when you suspect there may be a problem with a Windows XP system file.

Perhaps you get a dialog box appear informing you of a problem with a .dll file, or your program will just not load! It is therefore worth checking to see if there are any corrupt system files using scannow sfc.

To do this simply go to the Run box on the Start Menu and type in:

sfc /scannow

Scheduled Tasks

schtasks /create /S SYSTEM_NAME /RU system /SC ONSTART /TN "Returned to 
Service Notification" /TR "c:\windows\system32\notify.cmd"

Where "notify.cmd" is a command I made up.

This has been working for a year or more and is still working on all other 
You can create it using the GUI - no password required for NT 
AUTHORITY\System - when logged on with an admin for the creation.

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Page last modified on March 27, 2008, at 09:01 PM