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'Merging Cells with no data

  • Hightlight Cells
  • Format Cells
  • Alignment Tab - Choose Merger Cells

'Merging Content onto a new cell =CONCATENATE(A14,B14)

Split a Merged Cell

Split merged cells
You can split only cells that were previously merged.

Select the merged cell.
When you select a merged cell, the Merge and Center button also appears selected (selected: A toolbar button always has a border around it when it's selected, even when the pointer is not resting on the button.) on the Formatting toolbar.

To unmerge cells, click Merge and Center .
Note When the merged cell is split, the contents of the merged cell will appear in the upper-left cell of the range of split cells.

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Page last modified on April 22, 2008, at 07:28 PM