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1980 XR200 1980 XR200

The Honda XR series motorcycle is a range of single cylinder Four-Stroke off-road motorcycles that are made in the U.S.A. This series of motorcycle is gradually being replaced with similar CRF series motorcycles. Some of the XR Series motorbikes came in two versions, R or L. Simply, the R version bikes were designed with off road in mind; they had very few creature comforts, and tended to come standard with knobbly off-road tyres fitted. The R version bikes, without modification, generally were not street legal. Conversely, the L version bikes were designed to be predominantly on road, with appropriate lighting, tyres and other features pertaining to road riding.

In its heyday, the XR series consisted of 10 models; however, currently only the XR50,XR80 and the baja-racer XR650R and dual-sport XR650L remain. [1] The rest of the XR line has been transitioned into the CRF line.

Honda Honda XL

Honda XR650L

Yamaha XT - Yamaha XT 660

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