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20,000 Words in Spanish, in 20 Minutes! (Paperback) by Charles Mazal-Cami (Author)

ASCII Codes for Spanish Orthographic Symbols

(Accented Letters, Etc.)

accented a alt + 160

accented e alt + 130

accented i alt + 161

accented o alt + 162

accented u alt + 163

u with two dots alt + 0252

n with ~ alt + 164

accented A alt + 0193

accented E alt + 0201

accented I alt + 0205

accented U alt + 0218

U with two dots alt + 0220

N with ~ alt + 0209

upside-down ? alt + 168

upside-down ! alt + 173

<< alt + 0171

>> alt + 0187

 Spanish/English moto mini dictionary
How come this isn't stickied yet? Does this forum NOT HAVE a moderator or something? I'm leaving for Mexico next month and have been rereading this thread for its very useful info and realized I have something to give back. I speak kind of crap spanish, but this was posted to the KLR list awhile back and I saved it. Worth printing out and carrying with, I'd think:

From: Juan Carlos Ibarra

Tire llanta
Sproket sprocket or corona
Chain cadena
Link eslabón
Pin perno
Nut tuerca
Bolt tornillo
Spoke rayo
Wheel rin
Bearing balero
Foot Peg posa pie
Lever palanca
Brakes frenos
Brake pad balata
Brake line manguera de freno
Brake fluid liquido de frenos
Radiator radiador
Fan abanico or ventilador
Head cabeza
Cam rod árbol de levas
Connecting Rod biela
Piston pistón
Rings anillos
Cylinder liner camisa
Cylinder cilindro
Crank shaft cigüeñal
Oil seal retén de aceite
Gasket junta
Hose manguera
Spring resorte
Handlebar manubrio
Valve shims pastillas, calibradores, lainas de calibración
Valves válvulas
Exhaust escape
Intake admisión
Balancer contrapeso
Grips puños
Windshield parabrisas
C clip seguro
Cotter pin chaveta
Shrouder tolva
Lamp faro
Tail lamp calavera
Bulb foco
Fuse fusible
Cable cable
Shock amortiguador
Inner tube cámara


Spanner llave española
Screwdriver desarmador (philips) de cruz (Sloted) plano
Allen wrench llave allen
Pliers pinzas
Vice grips pinzas de presión
Ratchet wrench matraca
Box wrench dados
Tire iron espátulas
Adjustable wrench perico
Condom condón

Having returned from this trip, let me add one more little suggestions. If you have a really fat bike or boxes that are a hassle to remove, get a scrap of string and tie two knots in it that exactly line up with your bikes widest parts (not the handlebars if that's it, since they waggle). When you're trying to figure out if your bike will or won't fit through some hotel lobby, pull the string out of your pocket and save yourself the hassle and embarrassment of getting halfway in (or up a half dozen steps and through the first of two doors) and not making it the last bit. At the end of a long day, especially if you're at the second or third hotel after dealing with traffic in some city, it's worth it to save the little effort.

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